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How to organize an international campaign?

Are you interested in working in Communication and Advertising at international scale?
Well, this conference was the right one to attend as we got the honour to welcome Mr Rodolphe Moulin-Chabrot, PR International at Moët & Chandon (LVMH Group), to talk about how to organize an international campaign. Right by his side and to assist him in doing so, Maude, a 5th year student from ISCOM who has worked with Rodolphe’s team for a year. We were proud to learn that this young lady will be an official member of the Communication department at Moët & Chandon within the following week.
As Rodolphe said “You see? Nothing is impossible, but you have to work hard, and prove is that she survived it”.

The role of an International PR

Mr Moulin-Chabrot used to work before being hired at Moët, for the Accor Group‘s worldwide center press. He has a formation in journalism, and as a communicant now, he knows what is going on both side of the line. The knowledge and insight he had about journalism interested his employer, and that led him to the successful communicant he is today. But let’s get into it. What is the role of an International PR? Well, as Rodolphe said, it is to define the vision, the strategy and the message of your brand. We could define this type of Communication as: Inspirational Communication. Here are some key rules if you want to work as a PR International:

-     Always keep the big picture in mind

As you will work with many countries and so work with different languages, when you organize a campaign, even if we all know about how important it is to adapt culturally to the different markets, you need to give in an way or another the same image of your product everywhere. The same message. It is important to stay focused on this point.

-        Respect the deadline and be organized and always a step ahead

Time is precious. It is important to work on time, and respect the due date. If you want to publish your advertising in certain prestigious magazine, well, you will need to be prepared with the release date you have chosen. If you want to diffuse in June, don’t send your work at the end of May, otherwise it will be published in September. And this is definitely no good.

-        Define top media and target

You also need to be specific about which people you want to talk to. In that job, you do not talk to every journalist, you choose them carefully. You need to define your target.

For example, let’s take their Champaign Brand, Dom Perignon, one of the greatest cuvee in the world, which concern a very specific target that they call the high net worth individuals meaning those who have more than 1 million on their active bank account. And in that particular case their mission will be to sell them a real experience something they cannot just buy with money. They need the brand for that.

-        Spoke persons

Clients or Journalist, you will need to find what they call the “Spoke persons”. Spoke persons can be big clients that will influence their surroundings, spread the word. And this will have an impact on the success of their Communication. In lux, and in the “prestigious wine market” you will need to watch constantly what they call the “Wine Gurus”. These are the most 8 or 10 influential specialized people that can make or unmake a brand in a finger snap. So you will need to take a very good care of them. Moët sends their best wine experts to meet those people. Because they are the ones who can hold the most authentic speech.

-        Relevance

Obviously you will need to be relevant and coherent in your propositions to match best with the brand and its values, and identity.

-        Flexibility or FLEXIRIGITY as Rodolphe calls it

You need to be flexible in the way you communicate to understand the different perspectives and at the same time rigid to make sure it is relevant.

How to manage a muse (*égérie)?

Capture d’écran 2014-10-31 à 11.33.55

If you don’t know it, Moët & Chandon worldwide muse has been for two years now, the famous tennis man, Rodger Federer with its impressive prize list. Before him was the actress that you all know about, Scarlett Johansson. The brand signed Rodger Federer for a four years contract.
What is important when you choose your brand’s muse
, is to make sure that he or she has a current event. If your muse has none, well… with all respect, it does not have the same impact on people. Because people recognized and add value to your brand when the selected muse is active, because they heard of she or he for this movie that just came out or this sportive competition and so on… After kindly showing us some advertising campaigns that were made for abroad, since it is forbidden to advertise on wine and alcohol because of “La Loi EVIN”, we understood the huge work that being a PR international is.

How to prepare an international campaign?

To prepare an international campaign like they did with Dom Perignon for a private internal campaign targeting their biggest clients that took place in Iceland, it took eight month of hard work and organization. You also have to be able to resist to the pressure and stay discreet with information that you diffuse to the journalist. In this particular case, Moët & Chandon has trained their worldwide staff to every possible questions and answers to confront journalists, for them to be prepared as well as possible.
That conference was very enriching as Mr Moulin-Chabrot care to give us some tips about what a PR should be and should do by showing us private advertising campaign.

For those who would be interested in training within Moët & Chandon, you have to be at your First or Second year of Master and apprenticeship are preferred, as they propose very long internship but to form you better and give you if you, do well the chance of having your dream job in the Lux Industry as our ISCOM colleague, Maude, did.


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