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Bringing a new digital product to the international market, Pippa Rimmer at Watchever.de


The SVOD service Watchever

You have probably heard of Netflix, the American VOD giant that expanded towards Europe recently. But have you heard of its German concurrent, the SVOD service Watchever ? It is a subscription based video provider : users pay a flat fee of 8,99$ /month (cancelable at any time) to have access to the whole catalogue of tv shows and movies it provides. While this model is prevalent in the US, it has yet to be a dominant force in the EU. Even though the customers’ consumption habits shift towards binge-watching quality television shows, notably via increasingly available video-friendly devices, thus transitioning from the habit of watching at set hours on TV. From a communication aspect the brand name makes for an interesting case-study : Watch whatever, whenever, however you so desire.

With teams in place in Marseille, Paris and Berlin, Watchever has managed to snag important media contacts. Their most popular partnerships bringing about an advert with Til Schweiger (hailed as the German Brad Pitt in his home country) and his daughter, and a fruitful cooperation with German tabloid Der Bild.

More than 20 devices supported

Watchever’s USP is its « offline mode » which allows customers to access content without an internet access (having downloaded said content before), which is a technical feature other concurrents like Netflix notably lack (because of legal and technical issues with downloading copyrighted content).  Another important aspect of their product is its consistency : despite being available on a lot of different devices (phones, iPads, netbooks, gaming platforms…) it is « one » product, using the same color code, a very similar layout and interface, so as to keep it simple for the user.
One of their departments is especially interesting to us communication students : the localization – which has to deal with market and cultural sensibilities, translations and such.

The service now boasts an incredible 350 thousand users, more than 20 devices supported and hit a record of 122 minutes of use per viewer per day.

Find more about Watchever on their Twitter : @watcheverde
Kevin Spacey’s MacTaggart lecture, a must-watch speech recommended by Pippa Rimmer if you’re ever interested in working in the broadcasting sector :

VOD / SVOD : Video On Demand / Subscription Video On Demand.
Binge watching : See binge drinking, excessive consumption of a product (e.g. Watching many tv show episodes in the same evening).
USP : Unique Selling Point.


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