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About internships in Australia

The conference about internships in Australia introduced the students to an organization with 30-year of expertise that helps students with administrative formalities to go in Australia (VISA), internship, English courses and accommodation research: Langports English Language College. This organization has three campuses in Australia: in Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast. These campuses are equipped with sport facilities, and organize activities every week such as karaoke, rugby, skydiving, surfing, whale watching, karting and even more. You can find all about it at


The wait for a VISA to go in Australia is about 6 to 8 weeks; its validity duration can be up to one year and you can do the formalities online on the Australian embassy website ( You can cumulate your internship with a job in Australia (not in the U.S), because some internships are unpaid. Students also need an insurance to go abroad, the website provides insurance for globe-trotters since 2005 at the best prices and give them access to tips to enjoy your journey, a well-documented forum and information about all the administrative documents on their website.

Studying or working abroad is an incredible opportunity and Australia is a very dynamic country for students to work but also to discover an entirely new culture.


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