Trainee in the USA


Intern Abroad in the United States

Parenthese, an organism based in Paris, created by three American women offers the possibility to help you find an internship in the United States, but also help you with all administrative formalities such as getting a VISA, an insurance and a sponsor. You can also go on language study holiday with this organization.
They recommend students to get a J-1 VISA (one year max.), which is especially for formation purpose.

To find a sponsor, student can visit the website of the CIEE, Council on International Educational Exchange, leader of International exchange.
The sponsor will provide the student with insurance, VISA formalities, cultural aspect of the internship and a daily control during the stay.
To get a VISA for the US, the wait period is about 3 weeks and 6 to 8 weeks for a Canadian VISA.

Resume and a cover letter in English

Parenthese website is also full of tips for your interviews, for your internship research and also for your cover letter and resume. You can find online tips and examples to make a good resume and a cover letter in English. The agency team will accompany you step by step in your approach.

To make research on your own and avoid wasting time, there are some websites that could help you to find an interesting (and paid) internship:,, LinkedIn (also foreign internships offers) and

Good luck !


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