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La pavillon français

La pavillon français

Ricardo Cisneros works for world expo consultant. He was here today to explain all the organisation of universal and international exposition.

The first universal exposition was in 1851 in London, since there is a universal exposition every five years during six months in the host country with a theme of international interest.
The last one was in 2015 in Milan, Italy, about feeding the planet and energy for life with 147 countries represented. The next expo will happen in Dubai in 2020, the two chosen themes are connecting minds and creating the future.There is also international exposition that is smaller than the universal expo and on a shorter period (6weeks to 3 months). The theme is more precise like for example: Water, environment or energy. The next one will take place in Astana, Kazakhstan, in 2017.

Since 1928 with the Convention Relating to International Exhibitions, It’s the IEB (International Exhibition Bureau) in Paris that select the host country between all the candidates with a vote of all the representatives. Twelve persons analyze the file of each country to know if they have enough material capacity.

Those expositions are a global event in a purpose to aims at educating people, fostering cooperation, promoting innovation and sharing information.They have seen the biggest innovations in the course of the centuries. It is a fascinating way to understand our world and to see the one of tomorrow.



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