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Hi everyone, if you didn’t have the chance to participate to the conference of Parenthèse, here are the tips that we can tell you about having an internship in the United States.

We learned that you can have the possibility to have a paid internship and you can find one without an organisation but with Google.

Parenthèse is an 11 years organisation that had 22 400 participants. Without a quota, there are no limits into the participation. Only 4 weeks to have it ! One of the fastest visa to get !
The visa (Internship / Summer work – travel / Professional career training) is one of the easiest to get and there is also no discrimination. It’s  important to get it even for less then 90 days.
You can’t have a visa by yourself, you have to get a legal sponsorship, for Parenthese, it’s CIEE but you can find others on the American Embassy website.

Parenthese can do a lot for you !

- They look into you formation plan !
- They visit your place of work if they don’t know it.
- You have an insurance of 1 000 000$
- A follow up 24h/24h
- They will confirm you stay as a cultural aspect.
- Help with your visa

It’s important to add on your first mail and you resume that you will have the Visa by adding this following sentence : J-1 visa candidate : will not require visa sponsorship. You can find on the Parenthese website an exemple of a cover letter about this, to reassure them that they don’t need to pay the insurance. It will be easier for you to have an answer from them if you give the company every important informations.

TIPS about your resume !

- Don’t put your photo
- Don’t put your birth date
- Add your school website and your courses.
- Add the sentence: J-1 visa candidate : will not require visa sponsorship.

Here are some tools where you can find a paid internship : Company Website, Online job posting (Linkedin, Glassdoor, Google Map), Career fairs. You can send  them an email and they will give you some contacts for an internship.
We can give you an exemple, if you are leaving for a 4 months internship with Parenthese: You will have to pay 920 euros for Parenthese’s fees, 138 euros for the taxes (Sevis), and the visa will cost 152 euros.

For the total, it will cost you 1 210 euros.

We hope that this article will be interesting for you, and that it will help you in your step to achieve an internship in the United States.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us or call Parenthese, they are very helpful and they will be glad to answer your questions.

Thank you very much.


17 Rue Notre Dame des Victoires. 75002 PARIS – parenthese-paris.com

The Editorial Team - Roxanne Yver, Marine Anais Langlais, Pauline Pelvet.


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