How important is it to go live abroad?

Mr Mataix, our speaker today at Working Abroad & Erasmus conference, on Tuesday 27 October 2015, explaining the importance of going abroad, promoting this unique opportunity that nobody can miss.

According to Mr. Mataix, this opportunity can be seen as a personal challenge. From where we stand we must see the world from another point of view, get to be open-minded.
Nowadays, our world is multipolar, as so you should not focus on only few cities; it is the time of your life where you can go anywhere whether it is Rio, Seoul, Bangkok, New York or Melbourne. We have different points of view that lead to different visions.
Also, having experiences in London, Madrid, Dublin or Berlin will not make the difference between you and thousand of other people seeking for the same job as you. But your experience in Thailand or Chile can help you to be separated from the crowd.

You might write on all your cover letter that you consider yourself as open minded, but are you? Really? Living far from home, connecting with people from different culture will finally give you this open mindedness that you have been claiming, or looking for.
Furthermore, being able to go far away from your hometown will maybe not happen a second time in your life. As so, you should not fear that kind of experience. You should not be afraid of thinking big.

Work or study abroad

To work or study abroad in Europe, you can get subvention from the Erasmus program which helps you to fund your project through scholarship. Founded by the European Commission, this program recently allows others scholar program and not only to universities’ ones.
ISCOM through it will provide you a scholarship to help you cover some fees as phone bundle, shopping, rent…

A bit more about Erasmus program

-    Who? Every student after High School

-    When? From 1 to 12 months internship around Europe

-    What for? Every company except consular body.

-    How? The scholarship goes from 300 to 400€ per month, it depends on the country you are applying for.

Warning, there are selection criteria to attempt to the Erasmus scholarship as quality of the internship and the missions. Also, it will be ask to provide a cover letter and a resume, mobility contract or a copy of request for an internship, or even previous school report or banking informations (rib). Be careful because if you furnish an incomplete dossier it will be decline.
Finally, you must provide a language test before and after your stay as a report on your experience abroad.

For more informations, please contact or on the official website

Clémentine LEHOUX, 3rd year international global communication student


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