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Success is a matter of style

How to organize an international campaign?

Are you interested in working in Communication and Advertising at international scale?
Well, this conference was the right one to attend as we got the honour to welcome Mr Rodolphe Moulin-Chabrot, PR International at Moët & Chandon (LVMH Group), to talk about how to organize an international campaign. Right [...]

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Public Relation in Britain today

Interview with PR account manager Russell Williams

Public relations
Public relations are linked to important words, such as: stakeholders, reputation, influence, persuasion and management among many others. PR is a global activity that is not to be mixed with advertising. Indeed, as Mr Williams simplified in his own words: advertising is for the [...]

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« Entertainment für alle »/ « A multi-screen, accessible offline Netflix »

Bringing a new digital product to the international market, Pippa Rimmer at

The SVOD service Watchever
You have probably heard of Netflix, the American VOD giant that expanded towards Europe recently. But have you heard of its German concurrent, the SVOD service Watchever ? It is a subscription based video provider : users pay a flat [...]

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« Bienvenue à la maison » / « Be a cereal Entrepreneur » | AirBnB

Retour sur l’intervention à l’ISCOM de Lucas Chevillard, en poste chez AirBnB à Berlin

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